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Product liability deals with cases involving defective or unsafe products. Manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers can be held liable for damages arising from damage sustained from defective products.

Products covered by this area of law, include:

Injuries can be serious and have lasting effects on your or your family. If you or a loved one has been hurt, our Greenville, SC personal injury attorneys may be able to help you seek compensation. Throughout our years in practice, we’ve been able to successfully recover millions for our clients.

Can I Bring Forward a Claim?

The injured user does not need to be the original purchaser of the product to seek damages, nor do they need to prove negligence in many cases. Product liability frequently is a question of strict liability; if the product is defective and that defect caused injury, the injured user may sue for damages as long as the product was used as it was intended.

Questions of negligence and breach of warranty may also be grounds for a claim for damages. In the case of negligence, there are grounds for a lawsuit if it can be shown that a company did not test its product adequately or supply directions for its use. Similarly, a manufacturer implies a warranty for fitness of use and freedom from defect when an item is sold. If the item proves to be defective, you may be able to file a claim.

How Can I Prove a Product Is Defective?

In product liability, there are various defects that can occur. The injured party needs to show that a product was unreasonably dangerous for its intended use due to a defect and that this resulted in injuries and damages.

There are generally three areas in which a product can be unreasonably dangerous:

  • The manufacturer or seller fails to warn about dangers associated with the products use
  • The manufacturer or seller fails provide clear and adequate instructions of use
  • The product has a design defect
  • The product was assembled improperly

In all cases of product liability, it is essential that you preserve the product and all paperwork. Receipts, repair records, instruction manuals, and any other related documents can be vital to building a successful case.

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