Emergency Room Errors

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The emergency room is naturally a hectic environment. Patients arrive with various medical concerns—many of them quite urgent—as trained medical personnel do their best to triage, prioritize, and best treat them. Most of the time, emergency room nurses and doctors get these patients properly treated and on the road back to health, but sometimes errors can occur and patients are subjected to further harm.

At Christian & Davis LLC, we believe that these kinds of errors are unacceptable. Medical personnel in emergency rooms should have the training and resources to properly treat every patient that comes through their doors. When an error happens and a patient is hurt, legal action is called for. Our dedicated Greenville medical malpractice lawyers work alongside a legal nurse consultant and bring uncommon knowledge and diligence to the pursuit of compensation in these kinds of cases.

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Common Types of Emergency Room Errors

There are countless ways in which patients can potentially be hurt by nurse and doctor errors in an emergency room setting. However, as trends have shown, there are some errors that are far more common and represent a liability with the hospital treating the patient.

Common emergency room errors include:

  • Medication errors (wrong dosage, given to wrong patient, etc.)
  • Delayed treatment
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Failure to order or interpret test results
  • Patient "dumping" (mistreatment due to patient's insurance or finances)

If you believe that one of these errors—or any other unacceptable action by a medical professional-- harmed you or a loved one during an emergency room stay, then our firm is ready to hear your story. Contact us today to assess your options and retain a powerful advocate in your pursuit for justice.

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