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Airbag Defects Are a Leading Cause of Injury in the U.S. Work with Our Firm to Seek Proper Compensation.

Airbag Failure Lawsuits in Greenville

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Airbags are one of the greatest safety innovations in modern motor vehicles, but airbag failures can make tragic accidents even worse – and sometimes those accidents can have lifelong consequences. That’s why our team believes in holding companies accountable for correctly building and installing these critical safety measures. In some cases this might mean filing a product liability claim, and in others it might mean a lawsuit to receive full damages for injuries caused.

Some of the most high-profile product liability lawsuits stem from airbag failure, including the famous Takata airbag case in which over thirty million vehicles were recalled due to exploding shrapnel on impact. But there are many other common airbag failures for which companies can be held liable.

Here are a few common defects that can cause airbag failure:

  • Poor construction: In the Takata airbag example, the electrical systems were working as they normally would. But a lack of quality control during the manufacturing process and the usage of an explosive chemical made for a deadly combination.
  • Ignition switch failure: Airbags are built to deploy when electrical currents tell the car that an accident has occurred near the driver’s seat. However, in one case General Motors implemented a defect that shut off the car’s engines instead of deploying the air bag. This led to the recall of recall of 2.6 million cars.
  • Faulty electrical wiring: If an airbag is properly installed but does not deploy upon frontal impact, it’s possible the issue lies with the electrical system that triggers deployment. This too is the responsibility of the manufacturer to check before selling the automobile.
  • Faulty sensors: If the sensors that detect collisions aren’t working, then the system will never get the signal to deploy.
  • Excess propellant: Airbags that have too much of the chemical agent for deployment (or propellant) can rupture or cause injuries on impact. Some of them can reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour!

Do any of these cases apply to you? Contact our teamto get a free consultation from one of our experienced Greenville product liability attorneys.

Have You Been Hurt by an Airbag Failure? We Can Help

At Christian & Davis LLC, we want to help you get the compensation you deserve. We understand that the injuries sustained during airbag failure can be traumatizing, and so our team of product liability lawyers is dedicated to uncovering these defects and holding companies accountable. If you think your accident involved an airbag failure, it can be difficult to know how to proceed.

Here are a few recommendations on how to best prepare for filing a product liability claim:

  • If possible, take photos after the accident.
  • Preserve all evidence from the accident.
  • Delay repairs until an expert has inspected the vehicle.
  • Request a copy of the accident report from the police.
  • Keep all medical records and expenses on hand.
  • Consult with a lawyer before speaking to insurance agents.

While the effects of an airbag failure can be permanent and life-changing, rest assured that our attorneys at Christian & Davis LLC are here to help. Call us today or fill out our contact form online to find out if you are eligible for damages.

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