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Seatbelt Failure Injuries

Injured by a Seatbelt? Call Our Auto Defect Lawyers in Greenville.

The adage that “seatbelts save lives” has proven true time and again, and according to the CDC, seatbelt usage saved an estimated 15,000 lives in 2016 alone. But while safety standards for these life-saving devices have only improved over the last decade, there are still a few remaining cases where seatbelts turned into a death trap for those involved in accidents. If you have been injured by a seatbelt failure, our skilled team of auto defect lawyers can assess your case and determine liability.

Different Types of Seatbelt Failures

Many seatbelt failures can stem from user error, but when seatbelt failure originates at the manufacturing level, companies should be held accountable. There are several ways in which a seatbelt can fail to perform its intended purpose. One of the most common of these is seatbelt latch failure, which occurs when the latch suddenly releases and renders the seatbelt useless. This can be deadly, as drivers and those in the passenger seat are most likely to suffer injuries in the event of an accident. In 1995, the Takata Corporation recalled millions of defective front seat belts for failure to latch, due to faulty plastic release buttons.

Here are some other common seatbelt failures that can cause serious injury:

  • Material or Webbing Defects: If the material used to create the seatbelt does not have enough strength to absorb the shock of impact, it can rip and cause seatbelt failure.
  • Fractured Bolts: In 2017, Ford Motor Co. was forced to recall 117,000 vehicles because bolts in the seatbelt and buckle were at risk of fracturing mid-accident.
  • Outdated Belt Design: Older versions of seatbelts often included only a lap or shoulder band, which causes serious if not fatal injuries, because the force isn’t as evenly distributed.
  • Seatbelt Retractor Failure: This can occur when the seatbelt itself has too much slack, and cannot successfully retract to hold the body snug against the car seat. The fault here usually lies with the locking mechanism, as some seatbelts can get locked prematurely.
  • Seat Geometry: In order for a seatbelt to be effective, it must be anchored correctly to the seat beneath. Occasionally the anchors or the bolts attaching the seatbelt can break, causing failure.

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Get Compensated for Seatbelt Failure Injuries

It can be a horrifying experience to lose trust in the very safety features designed to protect you. Our team at Christian & Davis LLC will work hard to earn your trust by serving your interests and fighting to win maximum compensation for your injuries. We have the experience and the skills to review your case and discover where the auto defect liability lies, especially in cases of negligence.

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